Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Montana!

We know. It's been months. We've been very bad bloggers.

Once we decided to settle in Vegas, we got consumed with exploring the city and job hunting and settling into our studio apartment.

Honestly, though, we have no good reasons for not updating our blog. Please forgive us.

We have started to make our way through our videos and photos, so stay tuned for some updates. We're also thinking about how to change our description, since we aren't actually traveling as originally intended. We plan on keeping Liberty around, so we can explore more of southern NV, UT, CA, and maybe northern AZ. Perhaps other areas as well.

So, we'll still be traveling with Liberty - just not as extensively.

That being said, travel with us back to June 2 as we drive through the beautiful state of Montana.

We promise will we continue with updates from pre-Vegas sooner than later.

Thanks for following along on our crazy adventures!

Jeff and Clarinda

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