Monday, June 4, 2012

On the road...

From here on out, we could probably title all our posts this way. :-)

We officially headed out from the Twin Cities the morning of June 1st. Our first destination was Bridgeport, WA. We have family there - and a place to store our china set.

Since we were carrying an extra big tote, space was very limited in Liberty. It was awkward and not very spacious at all, so we tried to get to WA as soon as we could. We only stopped for gas, potty breaks, and for Clarinda to run in each state.

Sallie has an incredible ability to sleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions.

We almost made it all the way through North Dakota the first day of driving. We're trying to be as conservative as possible with our fuel consumption, so we're trying our best to drive around 55mph.

Yeah, we're that van.

We woke up Saturday morning, and as I was walking Sallie, I realized that we'd parked at the beginning of a bike trail. I tried to convince Jeff to take a bike ride before hitting the road again, but our desire to get to WA outweighed all the work it would take to dismount the bikes, etc.

Despite being in a hurry, we were able to snap quick videos as we passed each state line. Here we are crossing into North Dakota. You can see this and other videos on our FB page.

After this segment, we'll be avoiding freeways, but for this first segment, we stuck to I-94 and I-90. Being on the interstates, we were no strangers to this route. Still, we were both amazed at the beauty around us. 

We've been at Jeff's brother's house now since Sunday afternoon. We'll likely be hanging out here for about a week before heading south to the Portland area.


  1. I am partial to Western ND, myself.:)

    Kinda laughing to myself at your "being in a hurry" at 55 mph. In Montana. That state must have felt like a lifetime!

    Too bad we missed each other! But tracking your progress will be a great geography lesson for my kids!

    1. That's good. Geography is a high priority for us. Tell them there will be tests. :)