Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping bug

School's out for summer! At least I think that's probably true for most schools by now ... or very soon, at least.

Since leaving MN, it seems we'll perpetually be on summer vacation. :) Not that we're complaining.

For many families, summer vacation means playing outdoors, enjoying nature, and, perhaps, camping trips.  There is nothing better than grabbing your camping tent and heading for the hills or lakes or wherever. There is definitely something to the peaceful serenity that comes from camping.

Leave your worries behind and ENJOY all that nature has to offer.

But, it's also important to be prepared. There are lots of very cool toys available for camping nowadays. Seriously, it doesn't need to be all rough-and-tumble, but you can actually be quite comfortable out in the woods.

We've used lots of camping gear to outfit Liberty for our trip, and there are a lot more camping goodies out there that we'd like to get when we're able. Whether you need a new tent for camping or simply some camping creature comforts, look no further than

You know where we're going; where will you be heading this summer?

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