Friday, May 18, 2012

2nd Construction phase

Okay, so we thought, "in order to lessen the amount of live Tetris we have to play every night to prep the bed, we ought to build some more storage." The cavity in the conversion high-top made this a relatively easy project. Nothing funny really happened, there were no injuries, and we were so well prepared there was only one trip to Home Depot... So that just leaves the pictures.

As with everything for the trip, the upper loft is Sallie approved. 

If she seems a little mopey, it's because we told her the space was not for her personal use, but that it would be filled with necessities for the trip.

To which, she responded, "Oh really."

The space is roughly 4' deep, 5' wide, and 16" high.

Here is what it looks like with some stuff staged in for a photo; it will soon be full - above and below our sleeping space - with the accoutrements for the trip, and I think this should give us more than enough room.

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